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11/21 & 11/22 2020



  • Solo Categories:  ¥3,500 per person

  • Ensemble and "Live" Drum Solo Categories: ¥2,000 x the number of members. 

  • Solo Categories:  ¥2,000 per person


  • Ensemble and "Live" Drum Solo Categories: ¥2,000 x the number of members. 

Preliminary Round

Starts 7/17 - Ends 9/27  2020

TIBC Contestant Registration Fees


Registration and Payment


  1. Fill in and submit all the required information in the TIBC 2020 Registration Form.

  2. You will then receive a registration confirmation message from Deseos Inc, with full details of how to send the payment to take part in the competition.

  3. Send payment. For participants living in Japan, our preferred form of payment is by bank transfer. However, if this is not possible, then we will accept payments through PayPal. (All details will be provided to you in the registration confirmation message.) For those living outside Japan, payments through PayPal is recommended. Please click to check exchange rates

  4. You will then receive a payment confirmation message from Deseos Inc.

Video Submission /Preliminary Round


  1. Make sure your dance space is well lit and that the camera is positioned so that your entire body (head to feet) is visible. Please face the camera during your performance.

  2. Play music and take a video that is 3 minutes or less from start to finish. Be sure to review your video for space, lighting and sound quality. It may be necessary to retake your video a few times.

  3. Review your video. Check that your video works before submitting it to us.  VIEW SAMPLE VIDEO 

  4. Submit your video. Our preferred method of video submission for the preliminary round is YouTube. However, if it is not possible to use this method then you may send us a downloadable link of your file. 
    * Upload your video to YouTube. (Make sure that your video URL is either “unlisted” or “public”, and include your name and category.)
    * Or, provide us a link where we can download your large file. Ex. WeTransfer, Google Drive, Dropbox, etc. (Make sure that your file has your name and category.)

  5. You will then receive a Video Submission confirmation message from Deseos Inc.

  6. Finalists will be announced on the website. In addition, a personal message will also be sent to each with full details of the finals.


In order to facilitate contestant entries from different regions and countries, as well as avoid as much technical difficulties with live streaming,  the finals of TIBC will also be pre-recorded performance videos, which will be submitted and aired live from Tokyo via Zoom. Hosting by the MC, scoring by the judges and voting by the viewers, will be in real time as the videos are being aired. 

Further registration and payment along with additional instructions for the Finals Video Submissions, will be e-mailed to the contestants on the day of the finalists announcement. 



  • Professional Oriental Solo/Ensemble, Non-Professional Oriental Solo/Ensemble, and Fusion Solo categories are for ages 16 years and over. If you are under 18 years old, you must provide a signature from your parent before your registration will be considered.

  • Fusion Ensemble category is from ages 5 and over. Please take note that there must be at least 1 member who is 16 years or over to participate in this category. If you are under 18 years old, you must provide a signature from your parent before your registration will be considered.

  • Senior Oriental Solo/Ensemble categories are for ages 50 years and over. Please take note that if you are 50 years old or over, you may still join the Professional Oriental Solo/Ensemble and Non-Professional Oriental Solo/Ensemble, Live Drum Solo categories, as they have no age limit.

  • Junior Oriental Solo/ Ensemble categories are for ages 5 to 15 years old. You must provide a signature from your parent before your registration will be considered.

  • Performance must represent the category you are entering. Only dancers who are planning to compete in the finals must be in the video. Substitutions are generally not allowed.

  • Preliminary round videos must be 3 minutes or less. If video is longer than 3 minutes, it will only be judged up to the 3 minute mark.

  • Must be a video made for competition. You may use a performance video which has been previously submitted to another competition, (as long as long as it fits TIBC's rules and regulations). However,  "show" performance footage will not be accepted.

  • Must be an original choreography. (Except for the Non-Professional Oriental Solo/Ensemble, Senior Oriental Solo/Ensemble, and Junior Oriental Solo/Ensemble, and Live Drum Solo Categories.)

  • Video should be uploaded to YouTube, or a downloadable link for the file should be provided.

  • Video performances do not need to be in full costume or in a formal setting  (dance studios, living rooms, open space areas, etc. are fine so long as there is adequate room to perform, the dance can be clearly seen, and the music easily heard.)

  • Dancer must be facing the camera. The entire body from head to feet, including arm space, should be visible at all times. 

  • Performance space must be well lit.

  • Music must be audible.

  • Middle Eastern music must be used in all categories except in the Fusion and Freestyle category. (Please refrain from using music with explicit or offensive content).

  • All safe props are welcome but limited to 2 per performance (no fire, liquid, smoke, firearms, animals, etc.

  • Depending on your country's safety rules and regulations regarding the coronavirus, wearing a mask in the video is perfectly acceptable. 


Video submissions start: Jul. 17 (Fri), 2020
Deadline for video submission: Sep. 27 (Sun), 2020
Top finalists will be announced on the website and through email on: Oct. 25 (Sun), 2020
TIBC Finals : Nov. 21 (Sat) & Nov. 22 (Sun), 2020

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