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Henna is an award-winning performer and teacher based in Portland, Oregon.  She is a sought-after teacher, performer, and competition judge in the region.  She teaches regularly in Portland and as an instructor on Datura Online. 

Henna has been immersed in music from a young age.  The daughter of a musician, she studied the piano throughout childhood and always longed to dance.  Henna in her college years was immediately drawn to the enchanting music, and the earthy, energetic movement of belydance. 

Following every inclination to dance, Henna has explored Turkish Oriental, American Cabaret, Tribal Fusion, Egyptian folkloric dances, but always returned to her first love of Egyptian Raks Sharki. Henna’s intuitive musicality coupled with crisp, expressive technique makes for captivating and memorable performances. She considers Egyptian music to be her main muse, with its emotional complexity and universal theme of love guiding her artistic choices. 


Henna’s love for bellydance can be felt in the studio as well as in her performances. She is a generous, thorough, and detailed instructor. In 2012 she completed the coursework for a master’s degree in teaching from George Fox University and she uses a progressive approach to teaching bellydance. By integrating music, technique, and culture, she helps students feel the essence of the art form while building a solid technical foundation. Her background in various styles gives her the eye to appreciate and explain the differences between genres.  Henna considers herself a lifelong student, and is always searching for deeper understanding, and fresh inspiration.

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