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* To purchase tickets, please click on the button of the event dates of your choice. 


11/27 (Sat) & 11/28 (Sun)

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Purchase a ticket and get to watch both the finals live streaming on Zoom, as well the recorded version on Vimeo, which will be available from Nov. 29 up to Dec 6, 2021. 

So, if you’re unable to watch TIBC on the day of the finals, you’ll still have a chance to watch the recorded version. Tickets now available!


Event Timetable

TIBC 2021 11/27 (sat)

11:30 Open

12:00 Competition Starts

12:20 Kids / Junior Oriental Ensemble

12:40 Kids / Junior Oriental Solo

13:25 Non-professional Oriental Ensemble 

13:55 Non-professional Oriental Solo

14:40 Fusion Ensemble 

15:00 Fusion Solo 
16:10 Awards

16:15 End 

** Estimated Schedule Only

TIBC 2021 11/28 (sun)

11:30 Open

12:00 Competition Starts


12:20 Senior Oriental Ensemble

12:40 Senior Oriental Solo

13:25 "Live" Drum Solo

14:05 Professional Oriental Ensemble 

14:45 Professional Oriental Solo 

16:05 Awards

16:10 End

** Estimated Schedule Only


You‘ll also get access to the recorded version in Vimeo, which will be available online for 7 days. So, if you’re unable to watch TIBC on the day of the event, you’ll still have a chance to watch the recorded version. A link to the video will be provided to you by email on Nov. 29th. 

Attention please:  Understand that links provided to you to access viewing the event should be yours only and not to be shared. Recording or screenshots of the event is not permitted (except for the awards section). You may experience some lagging, freezing of the screen, as well as sound interruptions during the showing, due to unstable internet connection. We do not accept returns or refund cancelled tickets, unless the cancellation was made by our part. Thank you for your kind understanding.  


11/29 - 12/06

11/27 & 11/28
Hosted Live!

TIBC 2021 will be hosted on Zoom webinar. For those viewing on a computer, you must download and install the Zoom app. To download, click here. High speed internet is needed. 

For those viewing using iPhone or Android, you will need to install Zoom from either the App Store for iPhone, or Google Play for Android. 




IMPORTANT! This year's online tickets will be sold through "Peatix". In order to purchase a ticket and to gain access to the Zoom link for the event, attendees must first register with Peatix. This means that attendees will have to log into their Peatix accounts and enter the Zoom webinar from there. 

Once you've paid for your ticket you will gain access to the following:

1. Zoom (Join Event Button)

2. Webinar ID

3. Webinar Passcode

4. URL to People's Choice Online Voting


You will find all details in the "ADDITIONAL NOTES FROM THE ORGANIZER" in your Peatix Watch Stream Page, under the green "Join Event" button.

* To learn "How To Register & Purchase Tickets on Peatix", click here.
* To learn "How To Join An Online Event", click here.

Watch on Zoom or Vimeo


A very valued and super fun part of TIBC is the People’s Choice Award. This is where the viewers get to vote for their favorite finalist performance in each category. 

This year, since TIBC will be hosted live online, voting for your favorite contestant is only a click away on your device.

All you will need is to click on the voter’s form link provided to you when you purchase a ticket, and sign into a Google account. Who will be your favorite dancer? Watch and vote at the same time!


**Take note: Voting is only possible during the live streaming on 11/27 & 11/28. 

The URL for the voting form will be posted in the Peatix site. Only attendees who have purchased a ticket from Peatix will have access.  


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